Rear Decking

Our major piece of landscaping that has needed to happen since we moved in has been the deck.  Without a deck we can't even open the massive stacking doors at the back of the house.  But it's taken time.  We have had to get quotes, requotes, do a design that we actually both agree on and do a DA.

But it looks great!  And I love love love love it!

I've added a lot of photos for all the pic piggies out there!  Showing the progress of the build.  It took a total of 5 weeks of labour with mostly 2 guys.  (One day of the week Nathan the builder didn't have his apprentice to help out so it was just him by himself).  The maths involved with the gazebo and the seating does my head in.  I'm just glad he worked it out and spent the time to work it out!

Marking out the deck

Post holes dug

Lots of holes.  Lots and lots of holes!

Eeek does the gazebo look even to you?

Timber for the posts

Wow, looking like it's going to be very high off the ground

Shouldn't cut off the view... I hope!

If I had the skills maybe I could walk on it?  Nooo... maybe not

Maybe now?  Hmmm.... 

Ooooh laminated posts!

Gazebo getting some structure to it

View from the courtyard of the gazebo posts

Gazebo posts are laminated as getting 5.4m lengths straight ones in spotted gum is hard!!

Hope the screening works well... 

Bearers and Joists for the deck

Balustrade going up

Seats are going in.

View from inside to the seating area

Walkway for the deck to courtyard

Starting to look great!

Loving our seating area already

Don't worry they won't stay white

Screening looks like it's going to do the job!  Seat backs are angled 5 degrees.

Lovely dappled sunlight in the afternoon/evening

Couple more posts to be painted black!

yep it's going to look great!

Wow - screening is great!

We stained those pine screeners on the hottest weekend ever.  The contrast was deliberate -- to save costs!

It doesn't look too bad!  We went with a wider gap as I didn't want that area to be so dark!

Love the 'border' of spotted gum.

Back of the screening posts didn't get painted or stained

Just the front face

Screen on the south side

Looking towards the gazebo

Gazebo roof framing on

That corner was a source of concern but I think it's ok!

Transition corridor 

Can see the gazebo from the driveway

The roof the roof the roof is on!  (and not on fire!)

Wire is in.  I think it was a good option rather than glass!

Still a lot of scaffolding around as they need to add the ceiling.  Not raked as too expensive :(

Yuck!  hope it gets cleaned up.  Notice however the distance of the screws.  Lucky I'm not too OCD as they aren't quite straight... 

Yep the seating area works for me!  First time I can look at the house in this way.

Details details details 

Finished and sitting in my gazebo

Gazebo in it's glory (ceiling and eaves still needs to be painted)

Great to frame the gum tree

Some of our inspiration was from these photos