Work on the "Disposable" House

I keep calling it a disposable house as I really don't think we'll end up keeping any of it.  I have moments when I think we'll repurpose things but they really don't make for good looking items!  Maybe the doors I could knock the glass out of and make into garden features?  Maybe we could repurpose a mirror ... somewhere?  Or I could try and give the big glass window to a family friend who is redoing a pergola / outdoor room from second hand doors and windows.

One thing we have noticed is that it's easy to install things.  As it doesn't really matter.  Things can be not measured and just done 'by eye' when putting up pictures.  The carpet is dreadfully dirty but other from vacuuming it I don't really give it much more maintenance!  Ditto with the bathrooms.  I'll scrub the grout every so often but it's not the same as when you really want to keep the home looking spic and span.

I'm really wanting to get the show on the road now and have things actually happen!