Plans and Elevations

Our Floorplans and Elevations

Adding the plans and details of our build for easy reference.  This is from the Work Order plans so are the ones the building tradies and site supervisor will be working off.

The footprint of the house (esp including the alfresco area) is huge!

This is our version of the floorplan for the Sade 280 except it's now a bit bigger as we made the garage a bit bigger... and therefore the study!

Front Elevation (East) and Southern side elevation

Rear (West) and Northern elevation

Cut through elevations

Electrical plan

Bathrooms and Kitchen

Floor coverings... you would think they would ask first rather than assume
Our floor covering choices meant that the plans had to be reassessed for BASIX.  Not because of us but because Sekisui didn't ask us what we were planning to do in each room... and had an assumption about what we were doing in each room.  So they had to reassess it when we gave them the correct details.  This plan reflects what we are doing.

Bearers and Joists construction - the plan

The piering plan