New Home Review - a new (website) build

During the process of building, it was very rewarding to be blogging at the same time.  The sharing of information and venting was invaluable for my stress levels.
I haunted the Homeone forums and created my own thread and had this blog.  I was very blessed to have met a number of lovely new home builders who were along on similar journeys.

But one thing I was always surprised didn't exist was a new home building resource.  One which hand held people through the process and explained what to look out for.  And there was no independent entity reviewing builders and companies or floor plans.  I found the layout of a home so important and always wondered why showing the front of a house was so important.  Whilst the facade and front was important when buying real estate, when buying a home to be built it could be changed but one thing that is less useful to change is the floor plan.  I even blogged on this blog about this topic.

In any case in the back of my mind I wanted to build a resource.  I wanted to share the knowledge I had and I wanted to learn more from others.  And so the idea of New Home Review was born.  It also helped that I was the Product and Technology Manager at for a while.  If we could do it for new cars, we could do it for new homes!  And rather than saying we'd do advice, we would do reviews and advice.  And only aimed at the new home builder.  Not renovators.  Just new home builders.

And now (as of late April 2017) we've 'launched'  It's not too fancy ... yet and there is a lot more work to achieve.  But like everything we learn these days, it's to get something done rather than waiting for perfection.  So New Home Review now exists.  And thanks to my friend Ciaran who is helping me getting everything done, together we'll help at least a few new home adventurers build their new home!  Come check it out and let us know what you think!